Which documents do I need to enter Czech Republic?

Citizens of all EU countries need just ID card or valid passport.
Citizens from other countries need valid passport. Please check Czech Embassy in your country or nearest for the date of expire of your passport.

Do I need visa to visit Czech Republic?

Citizens of all countries of EU as well as citizens of USA, Canada, Switzerland, Norway do not need any visa.
Recently visas are needed for citizens of i. e. Columbia, Laos, Morroco, Pakistan, Peru, Philipines, South Africa Republic, Thailand, Tunis, Turkey, Vietnam.
If in doubt please contact your local/nearest Czech Embassy

What is the currency in Czech Republic?

Currency in Czech Republic is "Ceska Koruna" abbreviation Kč. One Kč has 100 hellers.
Coins - 50 hellers, 1 Kč, 2 Kč, 5 Kč, 10 Kč, 20 Kč and 50 Kč.
Notes - 50 Kč, 100 Kč, 200 Kč, 500 Kč, 1000 Kč, 2000 Kč and 5000 Kč.
The export and import of valid Czech currency is permitted without authorization from the Czech National Bank to the amount of CZK 350, 000.-.
There are no restrictions on export and import of foreign currency.

Please give me basic information on Czech Republic.

The new Czech Republic first appeared on the map at the beginning of 1993, after the division of former Czechoslovakia. It is a landlocked country, situated in the Central Europe. It covers an area of 78,864 km2.
Moderate with four seasons. In winter the weather is variable, in summer it can be very warm. The average temperature in January, the coldest winter month is -5 degrees Centigrade, in July, the warmest summer month, around +23 degrees Centigrade.
The total population is 10.3 million. The structure of the population is 94% Czech (including Moravians and Silesians), 3% Slovaks, 1.3% Romany, 0.6% Polish, 0.5% Germans, 0.6% others.
The great majority of the population is Roman Catholic.
Czech. Some people also speak German and English.
GMT +1, the same as in Western Europe.
Official Holidays (Bank Holidays):
January - New Year’s Day, Eastern Monday, 1 May - May Day,
8 May - Liberation Day, 5 July - Day of Cyril and Methodius, 6 - July Jan Hus,
28 September – Saint Wenceslas,28 October – “Independence Day”,
17 November – Velvet Revolution, 24 December - Christmas Eve,
25 December - Christmas Day, 26 December - Boxing Day.

What I should not fail to see?

Prague Castle with St. Vitus Cathedral, Belvedere, Lorreto, Charles Bridge, Old Town Square and the Old Town Hall with the Astronomical Clock; Jewish Quarter, National Theatre, St. Agnes’s Convent, Lesser Quarter, Wenceslav Square, boat trip on river Vltava
Kutná Hora:
Cathedral of St. Barbara, Italian Court (Museum), Stone House, Ursuline Convent
Český Krumlov:
Krumlov Castle, Church of St. Vitus, The Hall of Masks, Egon Shiele Centre
Karlovy Vary:
Main Spring Colonnade, mineral bath and hot springs, International Film Festival, Moser Glassfactory, golf
Central Bohemia:
Karlštejn Castle and Křivoklát Castle, Koněprusy Stalagmit Caves
Mariánské Lázně:
The Colonnade, F. Chopin Festival, golf, Teplá Monastery
Spilberg Castle, St. Peter and Paul Cathedral, Austerlitz Monument of the Battle of Three Emperors.
South Moravia:
Lednice Chateau and Europe’s Garden - natural park, vineyards and wine cellars, The Macocha Stalagmit and Stalactit Caves, boat trip on Bata´s canal.

Can you give me the most important addresses and contact in Prague and Czech Republic?

Police – phone# (+420)158
Medical rescue service – phone# (+420)155
Fire brigade - phone# (+420) 150
Emegency calls - phone# (+420) 112

Medical care for foreigners – non-stop service
Hospital Na Homolce, Roentgenova 2, Prague 5, phone# (+420) 257 271 111
Health Centre Prague, International Clinic
Vodičkova 28, Novak´s house, Prague 1
Phone# (+420) 224 220 040, (+420) 224 220 037, (+420) 603 433 833

Embassies in Czech Republic
Belgium – Valdštejnská 6/152, Prague 1, Phone# (+420) 257 533 524
Ireland – Tržiště 13, Prague 1, Phone # (+420) 257 530 061
Canada – Muchova 6, Prague 6, Phone# (+420) 272 101 800
Germany – Vlašská 19/347, Prague 1, Phone# (+420) 257 113 111
The Netherlands – Gotthardská 6/27, Prague 6, Phone# (+420) 233 015 200
Austria – Viktora Huga 10, Prague 5, Phone# (+420) 257 090 511
USA – Tržiště 15/365, Prague 1, Phone# (+420) 257 530 663
United Kingdom – Thunovská 14, Prague 1, Phone# (+420) 257 402 111

Lost and Found in Prague (Ztráty a nálezy)
Karoliny Světlé 5, Prague 2, Phone# (+420) 224 235 085
Central information centre, Na Bojišti 5, Prague 2, Phone# (+420) 296 191 817

Are there any divine services in English?

Church of St.Thomas, Josefská 8, Prague 1 - Su 11am
Church of the Infant Jesus, Karmelitská 9, Prague 1 - Su 12pm
Church of St.Thomas (chapel of St.Barbara), Josefská 8, Prague 1 - Sa 6pm
Church of England, St Climent, Prague 1 - Su 11am
International Church of Prague, Prague 5-Smíchov - Su 11.15am
International Baptist Church of Prague, Prague 3-Vinohrady - Su 11am