About Czech Republic

The Czech Republic may be a small country in square meters, but in terms of culture and vacation possibilities, the Czech Republic is one of the largest countries on Earth! The Czech Republic is known as "the heart of Europe" for good reason! Prague is a great modern city which combines all the modern convenieces with a beautifully preserved history, such as the magical "Orloj" or Astrological Clock with moving figures in Old Town Square. Also, Prague Castle and St. Vitus' Cathedral with the tombs of the ancient Czech kings can make you feel Prague's long and proud history. Prague's Old Jewish Ghetto is amazing with its well-preserved synagogues and atmosphere of mystery. The many music festivals all year round will please any music lover, and of course, the Prague National Theatre houses many of the great musical talents of Europe.

In Southern Bohemia, you can explore historical towns unique to the world. One is Cesky Krumlov, "the pearl of Europe," which is protected by UNESCO as a cultural treasure of the world. With painted chateau towers, and a remarkably well-preserved medieval city center, it seems that time has forgotten Cesky Krumlov. Cesky Budejovice, Southern Bohemia's capital, is the home Budweiser Beer, which tastes best drunk in Cesky Budejovice's many fine beer restaurants.

In West Bohemia, there are two of the most famous spas in the world, Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) and Marianske Lazne (Marienbad), among others. The Czech Republic, and particularly this region of Bohemia are extremely rich in healing minerals. There is a spa to bring relief for those suffering from nearly every ailment. However, it isn't only for treatments that people go to these spa towns. They are also cultural centers with annual music festivals. Western Bohemia is also a center of Czech folk tradition. This is home to the Chod people, and capital of this region is the city of Domazlice, where there are annual folk festivals with traditional dancing, food, and music.

In Southern Moravia, the hospitality is second-to-none. Southern Moravia is known for its delicious wine, and a stay in Southern Moravia without visiting a wine cellar is almost unimaginable! There are wine festivals during the harvest when you can sample the famous Moravian "burcak" or new wine.

Sport is an excellent way to spend part or all of a holiday in the Czech Republic. There are many opportunities for hiking with easy-to-follow trails. Also, in many areas there are free-standing rocks that make for an interesting hike or for climbing. There are also opportunities to combine hiking and cycling with canoe or rafting trips on the beautiful rivers. Also, the mountains are just made for great skiing, both downhill and cross country, with a good annual snowfall, and spectacular surroundings. These regions and sights described above are only a taste of what beautiful holiday awaits you in the Czech Republic.

Czech it out!